2018-19 Seventh Grade Supply List for Lockwood School

TI30XIIS Texas Instrument Scientific Calculator (not a graphing calculator)
Composition notebook for english
Composition notebook for science
Composition notebook for math
Disinfecting wipes for science labs
Loose leaf paper (not spiral/ 2 packages)
2 1” loose leaf binders with dividers
Pens (blue or black)
#2 Pencils All math assignments must be completed in pencil.
Colored pencils (one set)
12 inch standard/metric ruler
Folders (individual or trapper keeper, 5-subject)

Gym Shoes (clean…need not be new)
PE Uniform (purchased from school)
Lock for PE locker (combination… no keys )
2 boxes of Kleenex
2 jumbo glue sticks

Computer Applications