Meeting Date: March 10, 2015
Meeting Time: 6:00 pm
Meeting Location: Administration Building Board Room

Any person present who wishes to address the board or raise any question about public school district matters or governing policies may do so under public participation. No discussion of personnel or individual students is permitted at this time. A limit of three minutes is placed on each speaker. Persons who want more time may make arrangements to be placed on a future agenda. The public is also reminded that they may provide input on all motions being considered by the board at this meeting.


1. Call to order 6:00 pm
    Pledge to the Flag

2. Individuals, delegations, correspondence

  1. Public Comment
  2. Student Recognitions
    1. Two Roads Participants
  3. Guest Presentations
    1. PTA/Lion’s Lair Update
  4. Staff Reports
    1. Applied Behavioral Program - Anna Fishbaugh, Don Christman
  5. Correspondence
    1. Casey’s Corner ExxonMobil Donation

2. District reports

  1. Facilities Report
  2. Technology Report
  3. Elementary Principal's Report
  4. Middle School Principal's Report
  5. Superintendent's Report
4. Trustee reports

  1. Caucus Day/Legislative Update
  2. MTSBA Survey

3. Items for Action

  1. Consent Agenda
    1. Approve Minutes of February 10th Meeting
    2. Approve Bills and Wages for February 2015
    3. Hire Substitutes
    4. Hire Classified Staff
    5. Hire Coaches
  2. Retirement Incentive
  3. Policy Revisions - Third Reading - 4332
  4. Approve Out of District Students
  5. Approve New Day Placement
  6. School Uniform Discussion
  7. Levy Discussion
  8. Approve Stipends for Summer Curriculum Work
6. Adjourn


Superintendent's Agenda Report - Action Items

5. Items for Action

  1. Consent Agenda
    All of the items 1-5 can be approved with one motion and vote. Any trustee can pull an
    item from the consent agenda at any meeting if they want to discuss that item further. I
    recommend that we approve the consent agenda.
    1. Approve Minutes of February 10th Meeting
    2. Approve Bills and Wages for February 2015
    3. Hire Substitutes
      I recommend that the board approve the attached list of substitutes. All hires are
      dependent on background checks.
    4. Hire Classified Staff
      At this point we have no hires to approve. I am keeping this item on the agenda as a
      placeholder in case there is a change. All hires are dependent on background checks.
    5. Hire Coaches
      I recommend that Jesse Swanke, Gretta Henrickson, and Tony Derrig be offered contracts
      to coach Track. We are still looking for a fourth coach and may have a recommendation at
      the meeting. I also recommend that we pay Quentin Staton a stipend of $700 for Marching
      Band. All hires are dependent on background checks.

  2. Retirement Incentive
    Due to a combination of the salary increase that was negotiated last spring, the lower
    enrollment in grades 7/8, and the need to add a teacher in the Elementary (See K-5
    Principal’s Report) I recommend that we offer a retirement incentive at this time. My
    suggestion is that we offer five incentives at $10,000 each. To qualify, a teacher would
    need 25 years of service including 20 here at Lockwood. We will use end of the year
    funds for this if available and the Flex Fund if we go above our budget. I expect this to be
    a unique situation this year only due to the lower enrollment in these grades. We have a
    large 6th grade class that will help with enrolment in those grades for the next four years. I
    have one teacher that meets these requirements and has already given me notice of her
    retirement; I believe we need to clarify that she is eligible to take part in this incentive.

  3. Policy Revisions - Third Reading - 4332
    This is the third and final reading of this policy. The additional language is the entirety of
    the last two lines, with the final line being added by the Board during the February

  4. Approve Out of District Students
    I recommend that the board approve ZC(K), IH(1), RM(6) and TM(7) to finish the rest of
    this school year as out of district students; they are all currently attending school here.

  5. Approve New Day Placement
    I recommend that the Board approve the placement of student ND 14-3 at the New Day in
    accordance with the student’s Individual Education Plan. This student is currently at
    Billings Clinic Youth Partial and is awaiting an opening at New Day.

  6. School Uniform Discussion
    Previously Mr. Klasna has brought up the idea of looking into implementing school
    uniforms. I would like to have a discussion with the Board regarding interest in this idea.

  7. Levy Discussion
    At this time I am not recommending that we place a levy on the ballot. We have until
    March 26th to have a special meeting and place an item on the ballot if our preliminary
    budget numbers for next year are concerning.

  8. Approve Stipends for Summer Curriculum Work
    I am asking the Board approve a stipend of $100 per day for up to two days apiece for
    staff members that are willing to participate in onsite curriculum work in June. We did this
    last summer and had good turnout and feedback from staff.
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