Meeting Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Meeting Time: 7:00 pm
Meeting Location: Administration Building Board Room

Any person present who wishes to address the board or raise any question about public school district matters or governing policies may do so under public participation. No discussion of personnel or individual students is permitted at this time. A limit of three minutes is placed on each speaker. Persons who want more time may make arrangements to be placed on a future agenda. The public is also reminded that they may provide input on all motions being considered by the board at this meeting.

1. Call to order 7:00 pm
    Pledge to the Flag

2. Individuals, delegations, correspondence

  1. Jesse Bone – VFW Writing Contest
  2. Grant Award – Casey’s Corner/ExxonMobil
3. Items for Action
  1. Approve minutes of February 12th meeting
  2. Approve bills and wages for February 2013
  3. Approve Eagle Scout Project
  4. Hire Substitutes
  5. Hire Coaches
  6. Approve Out of District Student
  7. Approve Contract with NWEA
  8. Approve 2013-14 Early Out Schedule
  9. Approve Facilities Use Fee Schedule
  10. Accept Trustee Letter of Resignation
  11. Call for Election – Building Reserve Fund, Trustee Election
  12. Approve Possible Early Retirement Incentive
4. District reports
  1. Facilities Report
  2. Elementary Principal's Report
  3. MS Principal's Report
  4. Superintendent's Report
5. Trustee reports
  1. Legislative Update
6. Adjourn


Superintendent's Agenda Report

3. Items for Action

  1. Approve minutes of February 12th meeting

  2. Approve bills and wages for February 2013

  3. Approve Eagle Scout Project
    A former Lockwood student, Jake Bone, will present a proposed Eagle Scout
    project that will benefit our school. This needs to be approved by the trustees.

  4. Hire Substitutes
    I recommend that the attached substitutes be approved including those to be
    provisionally approved pending the background check results.

  5. Hire Coaches
    Based on the Activities’ Director’s recommendation, I recommend that Gretta
    Henrickson, Wes Caldwell, and Amy Wiggs be hired as Track and Field Coaches
    at the appropriate stipends based on experience.

  6. Approve Out of District Student
    I recommend that the board approve JB as an out of district student in grade 1.

  7. Approve Contract with NWEA
    I ask that the board approve the attached contract with NWEA for MAP testing
    next year. The total cost on this is estimated to be $18,625. There is a one-time
    fee of $3,200 for an initial training. The remainder of the cost is based on
    enrollment at $12.50/student. This per student cost is an ongoing per year cost.

  8. Approve 2013-14 Early Out Schedule
    The District Leadership Team has developed the attached schedule of Early Out
    Days. We have tried to set the days up so that they are convenient for parents
    and make as much sense as possible within the framework of the calendar. I’m
    asking the board to approve this schedule for next year, as it is a departure from
    what was done this year. This calendar adds two additional days back into the
    students’ school year and substitutes an additional five early out days for
    professional development.

  9. Approve Facilities Use Fee Schedule
    Rob Guzman, Coti Widdicombe, and I have developed a fee schedule for outside
    use of our facilities. This schedule is based on what other districts charge, the
    cost of opening our facilities, and the physical condition of our current facilities.
    This would allow us to have set costs for the vast majority of renters. Currently we
    set a cost on a case-by-case basis. I ask that you approve this fee schedule.

  10. Accept Trustee Letter of Resignation
    We need to formally accept Caree Bernhart’s letter of resignation from the Board.

  11. Call for Election – Building Reserve Fund, Trustee Election
    We need pass a resolution calling for the election of five trustees. There will be
    three (3) three year terms, one (1) two year term, and one (1) one year term. I
    believe that we also should call for a Building Reserve Fund Levy election. We
    would focus on using this to upgrade our safety measures and then be used for
    other needs as we complete some of these projects. Initially we would focus on
    an “intruder” alarm, a keyless entry system, and other measures to prevent any
    possible dangerous intruders from accessing our campus. My recommendation
    would be to ask the voters for a levy in the $50,000-75,000 range for ten (10)
    years. This would be a slightly less expensive for taxpayers than the Technology
    Levy that passed last spring. Rob is finalizing costs on some safety projects we
    have been discussing. I will provide these costs at the meeting so that you have
    an idea of what we could accomplish at different dollar amounts.

  12. Approve Possible Early Retirement Incentive
    I believe that we need to look at a one-time only increased retirement incentive.
    This can be an effective cost saving tool in our district as our salary schedule is
    heavily skewed towards the highest paid staff. Because of the “paragraphs” in our
    CBA these teachers at the high end of experience and education make up a
    disproportionate amount of our personnel costs. Unlike most districts, the majority
    of our teachers in the “paragraphs” actually get relatively equal or larger yearly
    increases than those on the salary matrix.

    The best type of agreement is one that both sides benefit from. In this case, the
    teachers would enter retirement with a larger financial incentive or paid insurance
    premiums over a longer time period. I also believe that due to the transition to the
    Common Core and other changing expectations this may be an opportune time to
    offer a one time only incentive. The District would have more financial flexibility,
    most importantly the ability to add additional staff members to help us meet our
    educational goals. I have asked union leadership to find out what their members
    may be interested in and the results have favored two options: increased
    insurance coverage or a cash pay out. We can discuss specific incentives at
    Tuesday’s meeting; I also need to sit down with Laurie to take a final look at what
    we can do to free up monies in this year’s budget in order to provide cash
    incentives. My thoughts are we look at adding one or two additional years to the
    $6,000 yearly insurance incentive that has been offered in the past for a total of 3
    or 4 years of benefits. The cash incentive option could be anywhere in the
    $10,000-15,000 range depending on how much money is available. The biggest
    difference between these two options from the District’s perspective is that we can
    budget the insurance incentive out over the life of the agreement; the cost of a
    cash incentive would have to come out of this year’s budget. I see offering both
    options with a limited number of slots for each on a “first come, first serve” basis. I
    also want to stress that this is not something I anticipate offering every year or
    again over the next few years. I have included the language that Lockwood used
    in 2011. Using this same language I believe that there are 26 staff members that
    would qualify. The lowest paid of these staff members made $55,100 this year
    and is due a 3% increase for next. The highest paid staff members made $72,844
    this year and are due a 3.5% increase for next year. An incoming teacher with a
    BA and 5 years of experience will cost the district $34,600 under the current
    salary schedule. In these parameters, the district would save between $22,153
    and $40,800 per retiree per year before factoring in the cost of the incentives.

    One other factor to consider is that because we do not have a defined Insurance
    contribution, the district may have additional costs depending on the plan that the
    retirees have and what their replacements opt for. This year our costs are $5,733
    for Individual, $11,902 for Two-Party, and $13,312 for Family coverage for

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