Lockwood School Board
Regular Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Meeting Time: 7:00 pm
Meeting Location: Administration Building Board Room

Any person present who wishes to address the board or raise any question about public school district matters or governing policies may do so under public participation. No discussion of personnel or individual students is permitted at this time. A limit of three minutes is placed on each speaker. Persons who want more time may make arrangements to be placed on a future agenda. The public is also reminded that they may provide input on all motions being considered by the board at this meeting.

1. Call to order 7:00 pm
    Pledge to the Flag

2. Individuals, delegations, correspondence

3. Items for Action
    A. Approve minutes of the October 11, 2011 meeting
    B. Approve bills and wages for October 2011
    C. Hire substitutes
    D. Hire coaches
    E. Request for out of district application
    F. Request from MQEC to rejoin the coalition

4. District reports
    A. K-5 Elementary School
    B. Middle School
    C. Technology
    D. Facilities
    E. Activities
    F.  Superintendent

5. Trustee reports
    A. Set luncheon date for staff in December
    B. MCEL Reports
    C. Goals are attached for review

6. Adjourn


Superintendent's Agenda Report

3. Items for Action

  1. Approve minutes of the October 11, 2011 meeting

  2. Approve bills and wages for October 2011
    There will not be an extra curricular report because of a loss of the hard drive on the computer. This is being worked on for a recovery we hope. If not, Susan will recreate all activity in Quicken to be available next month.

  3. Hire substitutes
    The following are recommended for hire.
    Janelle Amy Zinda approved background check
    Wanda Guzman pending approved background check

  4. Hire coaches
    8th             Volleyball Jennifer Tresch
    6th             Volleyball Gretta Henrickson
    Dance         Barb Frank
    8th Boys     BB Jesse Swanke

  5. Request for out of district application
    Skyler Schaumburg is recommended for out of district placement in Grade 4.

  6. Request from MQEC to rejoin the coalition
    On November 1, I received the attached letter from MQEC (Montana Quality Education Coalition). We were one of the schools originally in the group. It was decided last spring to leave and not pay dues. This is another effort to get our district to stay with their activity. Lockwood's fee is $2,000.
From the Superintendent:
Congratulations to the Trustees for the Golden Gavel Award and to Trustees Becky Malenowsky and Sue Vinton on their Marvin Heinz Award. This is real evidence of the devotion of our Board to the education of everyone in the district.

Attached are two monthly reports from Kristen Bonner, RN, our school nurse hired through RiverStone.

Our percentage of students on free and reduced meals has increased from approximately 48% overall to 51%.

K-2 53%
3-5 52%
6-8 46%

Our annual audit was completed last week with an exit meeting on Friday. The report was excellent with sincere thanks to Laurie Noonkester, Business Manger, Deb Strizich, Assistant Business Manager, and Susan Hankel, Activities Fund Custodian. Their diligence keeps us in good financial status every year. A full written report will be available to Trustees early in 2012.

5C. Copies of previous Board Goals are attached for review and discussion.

See October 11 and November 2011 Enrollment Charts