Proceedings of the Board of Trustees
Lockwood School District No. 26
Yellowstone County, Billings, MT 59101
Special Meeting of June 16, 2009
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Present: Chair Sue Vinton, Trustee Holly Sather, Trustee Peter Freivalds, Trustee Tamara Spillum, Trustee Greg Bochy, Vice Chair Becky Malenowsky, Trustee Jason Hamrick, Superintendent Eileen Johnson, Facilities Director Art Anderson, Yellowstone News reporter Evelyn Pyburn.

The meeting opened at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Items for discussion and action:

1. Bus routes for 2009-2010.

After review of the bus routes for the 2009-2010 school year a motion to approve such was made by Greg Bochy and seconded by Peter Freivalds All approved.

2 Grant applications for energy stimulus funds.
Art Anderson presented information on two Quick Start grants to obtain an audit and install new windows in the school buildings. Energy audit @$40,960 and the lights @$628,920. There would be a decrease of 40% of lighting power used if these could be obtained. The oldest lights would be replaced first. The audit would be valuable for the future projects. It would be valuable as a management tool also. These must be finished by September 30, 2009.

Motion was made by Greg Bochy to approve two grants for stimulus funds under HB645 and HB 152. Second was made by Tamara Spillum.
All approved.

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Special Board Meeting
June 16, 2009

3. Cooling for the new Middle School.
There have been problems keeping the new middle school comfortable in the spring and fall. It’s not a comfortable condition for children. Art presented some information about the cost for adding a chiller that will be added back to the building. It had been “value engineered” out earlier in the project to help save funds until the end of the project. There was discussion and concern over the fact that we are short of funds in fund 160 without any further commitment. Art explained that the work is almost finished and testing will be completed this summer. It was made clear that the funding for this chiller will not come from funds that can be used next year for salaries for instruction. A question arose about the heat in the library and the remainder of the building and if the windows can be covered to keep it cooler. Art explained how this problem is tied to the “ evaporative effect.” Sue: It was my understanding that Williams was difficult and Art explained that the sub contractor will place a different superintendent. The work will only take about three weeks, but the arrival of the chiller could be several weeks.

Motion to approve was for the amount of $239,056.

Motion to approve: Peter Freivalds Second: Jason Hamrick
All approved.

Annual goal planning/Work Session/pizza is planned for July 21, 2009 at 6:00 PM.

The next regular meetings are July 14 and August 11.

Jason made the motion to adjourn and Peter seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 8:11.

___________________________     ___________________________
Sue Vinton, Chairperson                       Diane M. Brook, District Clerk


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