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February 8, 2005

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The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of School District No. 26, Lockwood Schools, Yellowstone County, was duly held in the Board Room, 1932 U.S. Highway 87, Billings, Montana, on Tuesday, February 8, 2005. Chairman Trafford called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

     Chairperson Tim Trafford led those present in the pledge of allegiance.

The following trustees and officers were present: Trustees: Tim Trafford, Thomas Jones, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, and District Clerk Diane Brook and Superintendent Eileen Johnson. Trustee Gayle Walker arrived at 7:14 p.m. Trustees Teresa Stroebe and Greg Bochy were absent.

Staff members present were: Dave DeBoer, Mike Bowman, Mike Sullivan, Art Anderson, Pam Richau, Cindy Gopp, and Sue Roberts.

The registered guests present were Evelyn Pyburn, Jessie Hoffman, Sandra Hopkins, Denise Pancheau, and Jacob Pancheau.


The Board received a copy of the summary of paid bills by account. The summary included a detailed statement of all expenditures of money with the name of the person or business to which payment is made, showing the service rendered or goods furnished.

Jim Painter moved to approve the January 11, 2005 regular board meeting minutes, the January 20, 2005 special board meeting minutes, the January 25, 2005 Board Work Session/Future Growth Committee meeting minutes as presented and the payment of all bills and wages and extracurricular bills. Thomas Jones seconded the motion.

Diane Brook informed trustees that Teresa Stroebe had called in with the following correction to the January 11, 2005, minutes on Page 7, Paragraph 3 - second sentence: They were notified on December 13, 2005, that there would be no oral arguments.

Jim Painter amended his motion to approve with the above-mentioned correction. Chairman Trafford asked if there was any objection to the amended motion. No one objected. Tim Trafford, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted aye; the motion passed four to zero.

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005


None received.


   A. Letter of Resignation from Paige Cooper

Supt. Johnson recommended acceptance of the resignation of Paige Cooper, a certified paraprofessional with thanks and best wishes.

Chairman Trafford read aloud the letter of resignation from Ms. Cooper. Barbara Forrester Frank moved to accept the resignation of Paige Cooper. Jim Painter seconded the motion. Tim Trafford, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted yes; the motion passed four to zero.

   B. Teresa Marchant Returning for 2005-2006 School Year

Supt. Johnson explained that Teresa Marchant was granted a leave of absence for the 2004-2005 school year. Chairman Trafford read aloud the letter from Mrs. Marchant that indicated she will return next year.


   A. Leadership Students Present Crisis Handbook Recommendations

Jessie Hoffman and Jacob Pancheau, representatives of the seventh grade Leadership Class sponsored by the Homeland Security Grant, were present to share their recommendations and answer questions.

The students reviewed Lockwood School’s Crisis and Safety Handbooks for months with the assistance of community members, especially Mr. Jim Kraft who leads the County Emergency Services. The revisions provided are the result of study and work by the class.

Mrs. Gopp provided a short overview of the recommended changes. A copy of the changes was provided with the agenda packets for review.

Mrs. Johnson advised that our Student Resource Officer, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Kraft had all helped in developing the recommendations. She said the page numbers in the School Safety Recommendations correspond to Crisis Manual. If approved they will be put into the entire Crisis Manual and be brought back to the board for approval.

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005

It was noted that the SRO suggested an evacuation drill for all students in Grades K-8. This would help to see how the plan would work with all students going to the church across the street.

Eileen said the students observed that only staff members get the handbook. They thought older students could read it and help out. Mrs. Johnson said they are going to have enough Crisis Handbooks printed, so they can be available in the classrooms.

Barbara Forrester Frank moved to adopt the youth leadership safety recommendations. Thomas Jones seconded the motion. Tim Trafford, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted affirmatively; the motion passed four to zero.

   B. Family and Consumer Science Curriculum

Sue Roberts, FACS teacher, and Middle School Principal Mike Sullivan presented the proposed Family and Consumer Science Curriculum.

Supt. Johnson recommended approval of this well-organized document. She said it was very well done, and was impressed with the flexibility of the curriculum.

Mrs. Roberts said the major change was adding a third level of FACS for students who have taken it before.

Trustee Barbara Forrester Frank complimented Mrs. Roberts and said the curriculum was very nicely done.

Sue Roberts said she used the Billings FACS curriculum as a guideline.

Mrs. Johnson noted that Family and Consumer Science would be a good place to add economics, which was something Trustee Jones had expressed interest in doing.

Thomas Jones moved to approve the FACS curriculum as presented. Barbara Forrester Frank seconded the motion. Tim Trafford, Gayle Walker, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted affirmatively; the motion passed five to zero.

   C. Two Requests for Attendance at Yellowstone Academy

Superintendent Johnson recommended approval of requests for students LB and MD to attend Yellowstone Academy, School District No. 58. Tuition for these out-of-district placements is paid from the Tuition Fund, which is a non-voted levy.

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005

Barbara Forrester Frank moved to approve out-of-district placement at Yellowstone Academy, School District No. 58 for LD and MD. Jim Painter seconded the motion.

Tim Trafford, Gayle Walker, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted yes; the motion passed five to zero.

Chairman Tim Trafford noted that the tuition will be paid from the Tuition Fund during the 2005-06 school year. Schools pay tuition in arrears.

   D. Request for Surrogate Parent Appointment

Yellowstone East Special Education Cooperative Director Leonard Orth requested the Board approve appointment of a surrogate parent for a student. Information regarding this topic was attached to the agenda. The superintendent recommended approval of this request. She noted this was the second request for the appointment of a surrogate parent in recent months.

Barbara Forrester Frank made a motion to appoint Todd Schweigert as the surrogate parent for G.P.G. per the request of Leonard Orth and a court order signed by Judge Todd on December 21, 2004. Thomas Jones seconded the motion. Tim Trafford, Gayle Walker, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted aye; the motion passed five to zero.

   E. Suggestion to Change Mission and Vision Statements

Mrs. Johnson attached a document with the suggested changes to the Mission and Vision Statements document. Mrs. Johnson recommended approval of the changes.

Tim advised that these changes are the product of discussions from the January goal- setting meeting.

Eileen advised, since the board originally adopted the mission and vision statements, any changes need to be adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Chairman Trafford advised that the board should be able to point to one or multiple goals within the Vision and Mission Statement for anything that we do or are asked to do. He said we should always ask, “Is this part of our goals?”

Tim noted with the wording change crafted by Barbara, there is opportunity to grow in the area of Lockwood community involvement.

Trustee Gayle Walker asked if these changes were acceptable to the principals and teachers. Tim said that is a good point

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005

Eileen said she has had no feedback. She asked if the principals had received any. They said no.

Barbara Forrester Frank moved to adopt the Mission and Vision Statements with the changes presented. Gayle Walker seconded the motion. Tim Trafford, Gayle Walker, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted aye; the motion passed five to zero.

Eileen said she will update statements posted in the buildings and on the website.


   A. Updated List of Substitutes Requested For Hire

Chairman Tim Trafford read aloud the list of substitute teachers as follows: Judith Maehl, Jonna Mandeville, Claudia Parker, and Jeanie Stukey.

Thomas Jones moved to hire the above-mentioned substitute teachers. Jim Painter seconded the motion; then he asked if each of them had completed a fingerprint background check. Eileen answered affirmatively.

Tim Trafford, Gayle Walker, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted yes; the motion passed five to zero.

   B. Hire a Crossing Guard

Mrs. Johnson recommended that Margaret Kenaston be hired as a crossing guard.

Supt. Johnson also requested the board hire Sandra Hopkins as a paraprofessional, to replace Paige Cooper. (This item was an addition to the agenda, as applicant selection process had not been completed at the time the agendas were mailed.)

Jim Painter moved to hire Margaret Kenaston and Sandra Hopkins for the above-mentioned positions. Thomas Jones seconded the motion.

Eileen noted that Sandra had just finished her student teaching at Lockwood Schools and she is certified. Ms. Hopkins was present at the meeting; she was introduced to the Board.

Tim Trafford, Gayle Walker, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted affirmatively; the motion passed five to zero.

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005


   A. Policy No. 1610 – First Reading

Eileen advised that Policy No.1610 is part of the “required policies” on Montana School Board Association’s new list. The policy appears to go right along with the goal setting the Trustees are currently discussing.

Mrs. Johnson said this process could begin each summer and she could report back the reflected degree to which the annual objectives have been accomplished. Eileen advised that the grid from the goal setting workshop is clear and concise. She thinks it is an excellent format; it is easy to see and to read.

Tim advised that there will be three readings of this policy.

Barbara Forrester Frank moved to adopt Policy No. 1610 as presented on first reading. Thomas Jones seconded the motion. Tim Trafford, Gayle Walker, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, voted aye; the motion passed five to zero.


   A. Principals

Middle School Principal Mike Sullivan noted a correction on his report. The Senior High open house is March 31, 2005, not February 31, 2005. He noted the new lion logo that is on the report. He said there will be a female lion logo also. The students will have a contest to name them; this is part of Montana Behavior Institute.

The percentage of student records accessed was briefly discussed. Tim asked for ideas to increase participation or usage. Mike said he mentions it often to parents and all new students are signed up for PowerSchool.

Mr. Sullivan advised that he had attended the DARE America meeting. DARE has been overhauled and received a huge grant. They are now data driven. DARE is more flexible. They now have MS component and parent component. The newest trend is to dually train School Resource Officers, so they can be DARE officers also. It sounded like the Yellowstone sheriff may be heading in that direction. Yellowstone County trained several DARE officers and about three of them were sent to Iraq. This has caused shortage of manpower right now. Mike said the future for DARE sounds positive.

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005

Mike Bowman said he had nothing to add to his report.

Chairman Trafford asked for clarification of the student transiency numbers reported in the “moved in” and “moved out” statistics. Mr. Bowman said those numbers included children who were not living in the community when kindergarten numbers were estimated.

Eileen asked Mike and Dave to share information about their trip to Powell and about what they are doing to meet AYP.

Powell is a blue ribbon school and ranked nationally; it is a K-5 school. Soon more Lockwood teachers are going down to visit Powell.

They set very high expectations for students. They use data driven decision making. The school has 220 students. The principal has two secretaries; one secretary’s duties are entirely related to student data and assessments.

It is a no nonsense school. If students are not making standards, there are a number of interventions. There are labs before school, at lunch time, and after school. They have a longer school day. If the student is still not functioning at the appropriate level, then retention is the tool used. They run two summer school sessions. Attendance is mandatory for students not meeting standards in order for them to go on to the next grade.

Powell has wonderful support in technology and they have extensive computer labs.

They group children in several different ways and are continually assessing and treating the student where they are. They do have health enhancement and music; they have no separate art program.

Children move from group to group as they attain skill levels. The district is heavy into charting student progress.

Dave said they have cut and dried standards per quarter which are posted on the walls of the classrooms. Everyone knows the standards and expectations. Every five weeks the teams take one-half day to evaluate the groups.

They have a seven-hour day. Learning labs are available at 7:30 every morning; paraprofessionals are on duty to assist each student with their particular needs.

Their transiency is less than ours; their economic levels are about the same as ours

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005

Incoming students are tested and placed in the grade level that matches their skills; not necessarily in the grade from which they came.

Eileen pointed out that each state has their plan and time frame as to which subject areas will be tested.

Dave said the principal is a great believer in non-fiction. They use non-fiction books to teach science and social studies at this time. Their library is filled with non-fiction.

Dave said the Lockwood Staff felt the learning lab was a good idea and they will be teaching reading and math predominately until the test. During learning labs they will be working on the skills in the test; they will be lengthening math time.

We have disrupted some Title 1 services received in the lower grades to focus on the fourth graders.

Dave said Powell is the purest case of data driven decision making that he has ever seen.

Mike Bowman said they use multiple instruments for assessing; two of which are Compass and Star.

Kindergarteners come in one week early to learn expected behaviors and get accustomed to the school setting.

Mike Bowman said there are behavior absolutes, so time can be spent on teaching not on behavioral problems.

He noted that data, planning, and grouping seem to be where education is going.

Eileen said we are doing stop-gap for this year. We need to plan long-range. The third grade will take the measured progress test as a practice for next year’s actual test.

We need to change the feeling that this affects only the fourth and eighth grade teachers; that they are the only ones stressed and responsible for the test. We need to change the dynamic of the thinking and mindset; the entire school needs to be involved.

Seven people are traveling to Powell tomorrow and two more carloads will go after that. It has really created a dialog.

Dave DeBoer reported that this year there will be no DARE in fifth grade due to a personnel shortage because several deputies are in Iraq. Katie Gaspar will be on FMLA and Jeannie Stukey will be her substitute

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005

Technology Coordinator Pam Richau briefly reviewed her report with board.
Mrs. Richau advised that technology is the answer to getting the data in the appropriate format for use to diagnose and treat students for the best education delivery.

  B. Facility Director

Jim Painter said building a large storage facility is a very good idea.

Facilities Director Art Anderson discussed vandalism from plugged drains on the roof. There have been numerous cases of rocks being stuffed into the roof drains, which causes lots of problems. There are about 120-150 roof vents, and about half of them have rocks in them. They have put screens over the vents, which has helped some.

Mr. Anderson advised that doing away with the storage sheds will help with vandalism because it will not be as easy to get up on roofs. Trimming trees also has helped get rid of access points.

Art said inventory control is negated with all the small storage sheds. His idea of storage is short-term; if something is not used for a long time, it should be disposed of in the appropriate manner. Mr. Anderson suggested that a new large storage facility would have compartments or divided areas within for different components such as athletics or PTA. He thinks it will be a tremendous benefit to the district.

Mr. Anderson advised that they have been researching the possibility of purchasing security cameras.

   C. Activities Director

Supt. Johnson commented about the boys’ basketball team; she said they had heart and were fun to watch. Eileen said there were more than 70 girls out for the dance team, which was wonderful. Their performances were very well-done. There was good attendance at the games.

   D. Superintendent

Mrs. Johnson advised trustees that they would find as part of her report the information requested about the district’s evaluation process.

She also noted that she had included a chart showing the length of school days for surrounding schools

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005

Chairman Trafford asked if the principals receive training about conducting evaluations. Eileen said they do have some training; it is an ongoing process with continuing education.

Tim also asked if the Athletic Director has had training for completing evaluations.

Supt. Johnson said she did not think so.

It was noted that salaries are an enormous part of budget and the evaluations are an important part of the entire picture.

Supt. Johnson said in response to Thomas Jones’ question about out-of-district students, she had assembled a sheet of information for the board. Eileen advised that Lockwood Schools does not charge tuition; we use open enrollment. This means every student shall be accepted with few exceptions, such as the grade-level is at maximum number of students. If a district charges tuition, then everyone including staff members would have to pay tuition.

Mike Bowman clarified that included in these numbers are some students who started here, then their parents moved, and the parents wanted to keep them in the same school until the end of school year.

Mike Sullivan advised that the majority of Middle School out-of-district students fall into that category.

We often restrict out-of-district enrollments in certain grade levels that are at maximum capacity.

Eileen advised that we get ANB for these students. She also noted that if tuition was charged it would go to fund the base levy; not the over base levy.


   A. Schedule Goal Setting Session

At the January 20 work session it was suggested that another date be set for continuing the goal setting process.

The trustees scheduled the next goals-setting meeting for Thursday, February 28, 2005 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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Regular Meeting
February 8, 2005

  B. Schedule Future Growth Committee Meeting

The Board of Trustees set Thursday, February 24, 2005, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for the next Future Growth Committee meeting.

   C. Meeting to be Arranged Regarding Access Road

Mrs. Johnson met with Attorney Larry Martin, the Yellowstone County Attorney, and a representative for the State of Montana. It was determined that a Quit Claim Deed is needed for Yellowstone County and the State of Montana to relinquish their current access.

The Quit Claim Deed will be considered on February 14, 2005, by the Yellowstone County Commissioners. They will most likely agree and a motion will be signed then. Attorney Martin advised that he will have everything all drawn up and ready for completion at the meeting.

Eileen advised that it will take longer to get this done for the State of Montana, but it is in the works.




The next regular board meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 8, 2005, at 7:00 p.m.
There will be two special meetings prior to that date. These meetings will be held Thursday, February 24, 2005 and Monday, February 28, 2005.


Jim Painter moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:49 p.m. Thomas Jones seconded the motion. Tim Trafford, Jim Painter, Barbara Forrester Frank, Thomas Jones, Gayle Walker and voted yes; the motion passed five to zero.


________________________________           ________________________________

         Timothy Trafford, Chairman                            Diane M. Brook, District Clerk

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