Special Meeting

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January 20, 2005

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Call to Order

Chairman Trafford called the meeting to order at 6:21 p.m. He led those present in the pledge of allegiance.

Trustees and officers present were: Greg Bochy, Tim Trafford, Thomas Jones, and Barbara Forrester Frank, District Clerk Diane Brook and Superintendent Eileen Johnson. Teresa Stroebe arrived about 6:26 p.m. Gayle Walker arrived at 7:10 p.m.

Staff members present were: Mike Bowman, Wesley Caldwell, and Art Anderson.

There were no other registered guests.

Mr. Bowman introduced Wesley Caldwell to those trustees present. Mr. Caldwell is the new math/health enhancement teacher in the primary. Wesley left the meeting.


    A. Termination Hearing

The termination hearing was not held.

    B. Resignation

Chairman Trafford read aloud the letter of resignation from Jamie Strosky, a custodian. Thomas Jones moved to accept the letter of resignation from Jamie Strosky effective January 20, 2005. Greg Bochy seconded the motion. Greg Bochy, Tim Trafford, Thomas Jones, and Barbara Forrester Frank voted aye; the motion passed four to zero.

    C. Hiring - Certified Tutor and Classified Person

Superintendent Johnson recommended hiring Liz Herbert as a certified tutor for approximately two hours per day. This would be in addition to her part-time kindergarten teaching duties.

Greg Bochy moved to hire Liz Herbert as a certified tutor for approximately two hours per day. Theresa Stroebe seconded the motion.

Tim asked how this situation fits with the master agreement. Eileen said it is not a problem.

Greg Bochy, Tim Trafford, Thomas Jones, Teresa Stroebe, and Barbara Forrester Frank voted aye; the motion passed five to zero.

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Special Meeting
January 20, 2005

Mrs. Johnson advised that she will extend custodian Vern DiLulo’s hours from four per day to eight per day to handle the vacancy; she does not plan to hire additional custodial help at this time.

Eileen Johnson noted that Paige Cooper had resigned. Her resignation will be on the February agenda. Eileen said she will advertise for a paraprofessional.

Supt. Johnson advised that the Gazette had a reporter out today to discuss Lockwood School not making AYP.

It was noted that the Community Meeting is next Thursday night, and the Leadership Class will be presenting.


    A. Board Goals and Strategic Plan

Some guidelines from NSSE were read and discussed briefly.

The trustees conducted a brainstorming session using the following scenario: It is five years from today and we have done it! What is your vision for Lockwood Schools five years from now?

Barbara Forrester Frank developed a grid that organized and linked the brainstorming ideas.

The trustees reviewed the current Mission Statement and Vision Statement. They suggested two additions to the current Vision Statement. The trustees suggested insertion of this statement at the third bullet position: provide opportunities for student enrichment and activities that will afford physical, mental, and social development. Also suggested as an addition to the ninth bullet was: foster communication and involvement among staff, parents, students and community. Some trustees were also interested in drafting a different Mission Statement; they had read one in some of the information provided that they liked.

Eileen asked if the staff was going to be given an opportunity for input. She advised that they had put a lot of time into developing the current Mission and Vision Statements. Mrs. Johnson said she believes any changes discussed should go out to the staff.

Supt. Johnson re-formatted and typed the grid Barbara had developed. She also provided a grid to be distributed to the staff for input. Both grids are attachments to these minutes.

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Special Meeting
January 20, 2005

Thomas Jones moved to adjourn at 8:07 p.m. Greg Bochy seconded the motion. Tim Trafford, Gayle Walker, Teresa Stroebe, Greg Bochy, and Thomas Jones voted affirmatively; the motion was passed five to zero.


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         Timothy Trafford, Chairman                            Diane M. Brook, District Clerk

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