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Lockwood Schools is now using the PowerSchool Information system to administer student data. By accessing the PowerSchool Login page above, parents are able to use the Internet to view information about their children. Special login names and passwords are assigned to parents who wish to use the system. A sign-off paper is available to parents who want to use the system. All login names and passwords are kept confidential. The PowerSchool program can be accessed through any computer that has Internet access. In Lockwood, Internet access is available at several locations for those who do not have access at home (i.e. Little Horn State Bank, IGA, Primary/Intermediate Library, MacLab, and from the computer in the Teacher Assistants room across from the Intermediate Office.)

Parents who have signed up can also request that progress reports be emailed to them on a regular basis. If you are not yet signed up and wish to do so please contact the Middle School office at 259-0154, the Intermediate School office at 248-3239, or the Primary School office at 252-2776.

Below is a brief description of each part of the PowerSchool Student Information system:

  • Current Grades and Attendance
    Check your child's current grades, total absences, and tardies for each class. You can also send email to a teacher.
  • End-of-Term Grades
    View term grades earned previously in this school year.
  • Complete Attendance Record
    Check attendance for the current school term.
  • Automatic Email Progress Reports
    Request progress reports for your child to be automatically emailed to you on a regular basis.
  • Teacher Comments
    Check comments from teachers.
  • School Bulletin
    Find out what is happening at your school.
  • Register for Classes
    Submit course requests for the upcoming school year.
  • Lunch Balance
    Check up on your child's lunch balance.