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Registration information for Lockwood School can be found on this website at the following link: Registration Paperwork. All registration takes place at the Lockwood School Administration Building, except for the Kindergarten Roundup Day, which is held in the spring.

Lockwood Schools are located in Lockwood community which is just east of Billings, Montana. Over 1250 students, kindergarten through eighth grade, attend school on the single campus. The many teachers, support staff, administrators, and school board members provide the best learning environment possible for the students and community.

The school day begins at 8:00 am for all students and ends at 2:55 pm for students in grades K-2 and at 3:00 pm for students in grades 3-8. Students may not be on school grounds before 7:30 am. The school mascot is the lion and our school colors are red and white. Lockwood kindergarten classes meet all day, every day.

We invite you to tour our site and see all the excellent programs and services that Lockwood School and its outstanding staff provide for the students and the Lockwood community.

For questions, please contact Deani Grant, the Lockwood School webmaster, at

This video about Lockwood School was created by Ally Frost and Lilly Morris as a project in their gifted education class.

The gifted program education program at Lockwood School is under the direction of Mrs. Cindy Gopp.

Security at Lockwood School

The safety of the students and staff at Lockwood School is a priority. Security cameras are located in the the hallways of the school, and plans are in place to add additional cameras to other areas of the campus. All Lockwood school buses are equipped with video cameras with audio capabilities.

As another security measure, the public is encouraged to get a visitor's pass from the office of the building that is being visited. This procedure allows staff members and students to know that visitors to the campus have "checked in".

Locked Door Policy

All doors in each building will remain locked during the school day. Students arriving after the starting bell must enter through the main door and check in at the building office. All visitors during the school day are required to check in at the building office and pick up a visitor badge to be worn in plain sight at all times while in the building.

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