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 November 9, 2017

Meet the Journalixm Staff

Meet: Maria

Q: Favorite food?
A: Tater Tot Casserole.
Q: Favorite Subject?
A: PE!
Q: Fun Fact?
A: I think dance is interesting.


Meet: Sydney

Q: Favorite App?
A: Quizlet-helps me study.
Q: Coolest place you've seen?
A: Seattle Space Needle.
Q: Fun Fact?
A: I have 2 houses.


Meet: Ayzsha

Q: Favorite writer sport?
A: Sledding.
Q: Coolest place to Tavel?
A: Virginia City
Q: Fun Fact?
A: My favorite band is Chemical Romance.


Meet: Delicia

Q: Favorite food?
A: Everything!
Q: Favorite class?
A: PE to work out my energy.
Q: Fun Fact?
A: I like rodants. They are cute and fluffy.


Meet: Charlie

Q: Favorite App?
A: lnstagram-to connect and share.
Q: Favorite food?
A: Cornbeef and Cabbage.
Q: Fun Fact?
A: I collect different socks.


Meet: Stoni

Q: Favorite winter activity?
A: Ice skating.
Q: Favorite App?
A: lnstagram.
Q: Fun Fact?
A: I love pigs!