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 May 20, 2018

Sports Equipment

Where Troubled Students Shine
By: Ashlyn Weber

Aside from physical benefits from playing sports, emotional and psychological benefits are just as high. Every kid needs a place where they can just let loose and have fun instead of worrying about all the problems in their life. Sports give kids that opportunity to find peace within themselves and feel positive energy when they are on the court or field. Whatever is going on in a kid’s life, sports will give them an outlet and a controlled environment where they can put away stress. Sports are therapy in themselves. Yes, talking to a therapist or counselor is helpful but words can only do so much. Exercising is a huge way to cope with depression, anger, and even anxiety while having fun and bonding with other kids. Usually starting in middle school, cliques become a very common problem. Kids start to feel like they do not belong or are outcasts and that can cause multiple problems in a kid’s behavior. Sports cut across social divides, pulling together kids from disparate groups and increasing the number of people kids will know. Being a part of a team gives kids a sense of belonging. Being part of something larger than themselves and working toward a common goal is always great. Teams succeed and fail together and the value of group effort is reinforced everyday. Not feeling like you belong can cause kids to act out and get in trouble, also being defiant is a common act most teenagers pull as a way to get attention and deal with stress. Having extra time on their hands does not help the issue, but sports gives them less time for mischief, it could also stop the act in itself. I found out first hand how sports can affect behavior and emotions in a positive way. While I am not very fond of sports personally, I know they can really change a kids life. The adrenaline that pumps through you while doing something active with a group of kids and the feeling of doing something right is exciting, even if it is as small as making a shot or two in basketball, that could make your mood and your whole day way better. I personally know the feeling of being angry all the time and not having a way to express that anger in a healthy manner. That was until I found volleyball. Being able to hit something and not getting in trouble or hurting someone is truly awesome. If you are depressed, angry, anxious, find yourself getting in trouble a lot, or just feel like you don't belong, I highly recommend you try sports, any sport. Trust me you won't regret it. You will have fun, feel better about yourself, and might make a couple friends. It might be the best decision you ever make. If you do choose to play a sport or already play a sport, please thank your coaches.

Man at Typewriter

The Life of a Journalist
By: Ashlyn Weber

The lockwood journalism class took a break from interviewing fellow students and teachers to experiencing the life of a news reporter and a journalist for a couple of hours. We learned what it’s like to be in the news business and what news reporters and journalists are required to do to make news become what it appears on television or in the paper. We went to KTVQ and witnessed news behind the scenes. At the news station the first crew arrives at work at around 2 a.m. to get the morning show ready to go. News is not a slack around job, it is fun but it also requires a lot of work and very early mornings . Not only did we learn about how our local news is put together, but we also went to the Billings Gazette and we got to see how trained journalists put together our newspaper and all the pressure they are put under to get it done. Journalism is a fun and exciting job, however, journalist and news reporters are working all the time. They have someone working for the newspaper almost 24/7 with some people staying until 1 in the morning and someone getting to work as early as 5 in the morning. One of my favorite parts of the field trip was when we talked to Mike Ferguson, a journalist working for the Billings Gazette and he gave us amazing answers and his opinion on his job, journalism. One thing he said really caught my eye he told me that “no field is hard to get into if you really want it,” it really made me start thinking. I learned a lot from just the couple of hours we were gone and it was an amazing experience for not only me but the whole journalism class. I really do think that journalism might be a good path for me to take and I think this field trip really helped form that thought.