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 May 24, 2018

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The Salute to Education Luncheon that honors Billings Valedictorians and Platinum Program honorees was held a couple of weeks ago. Three former Lockwood students were recognized; Caleb Johnson is a Valedictorian at Senior and Ashton Albright and Matt Miller are Platinum Program Honorees at Senior.

There were approximately 21 Lockwood Alum inducted into the National Honors Society at Senior High this year. Ashton Albright, Courtnie Brown, Ashlyn Halsten, Caleb Johnson, Cassandra Langton, Matt Miller, Kaylee Millhollin, Shelby Tuttle, MaKenna Atkinson, Haley Collier, Makayla Heiser, Grace Hodges, Shelby Kiekover, David Lockrem, Lily Morris, Addie Nielsen, SaeJah Peak, Julien Rollins, Brayden Tresch, Justen Unrein, Kolten Unrein.

There were 3 students inducted into the National Honor Society at Skyview High School this year. Kendall Ard, Melinda Shaffer, Dustin Baewer.

Hayden Huff graduated from Rocky Mountain College, summa cum laude, with a Bachelors in Business Management and a Masters in Accountancy.

Congratulations to all of our amazing Lockwood kids!!

It's More Than Just Good Grades
By: Ashlyn Weber

Imagine being a part of sports, music, student council, and many more extracurricular activities and still maintaining an amazing G.P.A throughout all years of middle school. It sounds like a nightmare that might not seem easily achievable, which unfortunately it’s not, but it’s not impossible. This was proven by an astonishing 8th grader, you probably know as Elizabeth Kamminga. Her incredible academic skills and leadership qualities have given her the honorable placement as Valedictorian. If you don’t know, a valedictorian is a student, who typically has achieved the highest academic based goals. They also usually deliver a farewell speech or a valedictory at a graduation ceremony. Even though most valedictorians have achieved a great G.P.A all three years, they most likely did not achieve them under the circumstances that Elizabeth has. She has participated in sports, played in the lockwood band, was apart of the student council, and she was inducted in the honors society. With all this she still has perpetuated a 4.0 G.P.A all three years of middle school which is absolutely incredible. A valedictorian is not just good grades though. It takes leadership and kindness as well, which Kamminga was easily capable of doing. She was always kind to others and made sure everyone felt some form of belonging at our school. It might seem difficult to achieve such strenuous goals and according to Elizabeth it is, but it obviously is not impossible to achieve. Elizabeth always put schooling before everything else, and her peers before herself. Most people might label her as hardworking, respectful, humble, and she always made everyone feel important. In saying that I believe she definitely deserves to be this years valedictorian, for the class of 2018.