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 February 15, 2018

Big Brothers Big Sisters LogoBig Brothers, Big Sisters
By: Ashlyn Weber

While growing up, every kid needs someone to support them and guide them through rough times in their life. The Big Brothers, Big Sisters program gives kids that opportunity. Having a mentor can really benefit and even possibly change a kids life. It gives kids someone to rely on when they might not have anyone. It is important that kids have role models to lead them down a positive path, so they have a higher chance of succeeding. Mentoring can help youth as they go through challenging transitions, including dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to adulthood. This program can help reach out to kids who do not have great influences, and it makes it easier for kids to thrive in society. Not only does the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program benefit kids, but also has the potential to help the mentors. That is what makes this program even better. While mentoring kids, the "bigs" have the chance to improve communication and personal skills, develop leadership, and increase their self esteem. It can even make someone more compassionate and empathetic. Those are only a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. I have been involved in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program for a couple of months now, and I have noticed many improvements within myself such as confidence, self esteem, and communication skills. Just having someone I know I can trust and rely on is amazing in itself and I am so happy I get to experience it. I think every kid should get to experience it because life is hard and not every kid has someone they can talk to. This program can really change a kid’s life and lead them down a road of success. It is sad to say that the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program has lost money so if you could please donate and get them their funding back that would be extremely helpful. I do not think kids should lose the opportunity to get help and support, so please help the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program.

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