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 November 9, 2017

FootballLockwood 7th Grade
Football Game
By: Kelby Zhang

It is a sunny day at Lockwood school on September 30th. This is perfect football weather and the Lockwood Lions played the St. Francis Rams. At approximately 11:30 the game started. St. Francis kicked off to Lockwood. On the first play with Lockwood on offense there was a penalty on St. Francis. After the ref spoke, he said the penalty was offsides. Lockwood went to punt. The snap was bad so the punter, Noah Crane, ran for 30 yards. There is a first down for Lockwood. Lockwood quarterback, Beau Contreraz, went for a throw and the ball was smacked down by St. Francis and when it cleared, St. Francis recovered the ball. The St. Francis running back ran for 12 yards. St. Francis went for a pass, and Lockwood sacked the quarterback. A flag was thrown so Lockwood punted. In the 2nd quarter a 7th grader punted the ball, and Ashton Anderson hurt the St. Francis punt returner. Micah Reeves hit the running back 2 yards back, and Isaac got a sack. St. Francis jumped offsides, so Lockwood got the ball. Because it was a 7th grade game there were only 2 quarters. The final score was 0-0.

Basketball FlamesLockwood Takes the "L"
By: Leticia Stovall

Eileen Johnson Middle School 6th grade girls took an L September 30, 2017. It was Lockwood vs. St. Francis and in the beginning of the 1st quarter it was 6 to 4 with Lockwood in the lead. The girls hustling down the court trying to get a basket, swoosh Keeley Eleazer shot and she scored. The second quarter the Lockwood girls were confident in their shooting, taking shots. Its was 14 to 8, Lockwood still in the lead at the end of the 2nd quarter. In the third quarter the Lockwood girls were killing the game, still in the lead 15 to 13. With 2.03 minutes left in the game Lockwood and St. Francis were tied 17 to 17. The girls’ skill was not, enough. St. Francis came from behind, and the Lockwood girls took the L home. The final score was 19 to 21, St. Francis. We’ll get them next session 6th grade Lockwood Girls!

Basketball above Hoop6th Grade
Basketball Game
By: Ayzsha Davis

On September 28 the Lockwood Lions played against the Independent School Skyhawks in basketball. The game was held at 4:15 in the Lockwood Sturdevant Gym. The final score was 4-23 Skyhawks. “The game went pretty good.” Most of the players from Independant told us “We are really proud of the score we got, and Lockwood played very well also.” After the game, I talked to Coach Hansen. “I’m really proud of these girls,” he told me. “They came so far from when we first started playing, and they played really hard.”

FootballSeptember Football Game
By: Keoni Rohrbaugh

On September 26, 2017 the Lockwood football team played against the Shepherd middle school team. The first score for Lockwood was scored by Shawn Miller, number 16. A little bit later Kelby Zhang, number 12, scored two points. At halftime the score was 20 to 8. with Shepherd ahead. The Shepherd team is very competitive. In the third-quarter Dylan Birdmen, number 1, made a touchdown. Shortly after Birdman scored, Shawn Miller made two points for Lockwood. The final score was 20 to 16 with Shepherd winning, but the Lockwood team audience was very proud of the boys. It has been a while since the boys have scored.

Softball PlayerLockwood vs Shepherd
By: Isaac Hodson

Lockwood softball team is in the Heights warming up to go against one of the best teams, Shepherd. Navea is up first to bat and for the first swing in the game, she hits the ball into the fowl zone. The pitcher then goes on to pitch four balls in a row and Navea walks. Aaron is now up to bat. The pitcher throws the ball past the catcher and Navea steals second then goes on to run to third. The catcher throws the ball to third but misses. Navea steals home and Aaron gets out on second. Brenna goes up to bat and hits the ball and gets to first. Zoe then hits the ball and makes it to first. Brenna makes it home. Keana hits and makes it all the way to home. The game goes on for 5 innings but Shepherd won by doubling Lockwoods points with a final score of 10-5 Shepherd.