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 May 20, 2018

Sturdevant Gym Mural
By: Isaac Hodson

Megan Hodson (this writer’s mom) was Vice President of the Art Club in the 8th grade in 1996, here at Lockwood School. Towards the end of the year the art club thought of an idea that was to paint a mural on the wall of the Sturdevant Gym. So they started painting each separate part for each student. After a while they had realized that there were not enough people so Megan's choice was to have the A.P. math class come and join them. Each student had gotten one scene of the mural to paint. Megan's painting on the mural was the Volleyball picture 3 spaces up from the ground. She also helped paint the lion face across the intersecting hall from the mural. You can see her signature drawn in gold above the left ear. This mural took about 5 weeks to complete, but Megan said it was worth it.

Owl Painting
Bailey O'Donnell's Art
By: Deleica Forshee

The week before Christmas break the seventh graders at Eileen Johnson Middle School were working on pictures that they had to paint. Bailey O’Donnell painted an owl using acrylic paint. Bailey chose an owl because she thought it would be a challenge for her. She used four colors to make her picture: yellow, black, brown, and white. The painting took her four to five days to paint.

Time of the Year
By: Kinzy Ruff

Spring is here
The Birds are Back
The Green Grass
Is coming soon
Flowers are Blooming
And it’s
Time for Allergies
Busy Bees are Humming
Time to get some
Spring is Full of
Now Let’s Go Enjoy