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 November 9, 2017

Alfred EisenstaedtAlfred Eienstaedt
By: Natasha Wittman

"All photographers have to do is find and catch the storytelling moment, said Alfred Eisenstaedt, an award-winning photojournalist. Alfred was born on December 6,1898 in Dirchau, known today as Poland. He studied at the University of Berlin and served in the German army during World War 1. After the war he learned photography and worked as a freelance photojournalist. From 1929 to 1935 he was a full-time photographer. In 1935 he came to the United States and continued photography. In 1936, Henry Luce hired him as one of the four staff photographers for the new LIFE magazine. In 1951 he was named photographer of the year by Encyclopedia Britannica and the University of Missouri. He was also the author of four books. Alfred worked at LIFE magazine for 40 years and stayed active as a photojournalist into his eighties. He lived to be 96 and died on August 23,1995. In 1988 he was honored by the International Center of Photography with the Master of Photography Award.

International Center of Photography

Pat SummeralPat Summerall
By: Tone Spears

Pat Summerall, birth name George Allen Summerall, was born on May 10, 1930 in Lake City, Florida. He was given the nickname PAT, because it stood for Point After Touchdown. He was 6'4 in height and a place kicker in football. He played for three NFL teams: the Detroit Lions, Chicago Cardinals, and the New York Giants. In the early 1960's, Pat Summerall became a NFL announcer after his career in the NFL. He worked for CBS, Fox and ESPN and was often partnered with John Madden. His broadcasting career lasted from the early 1960's to 2012. He had three children Kyle Summerall, Jay Summerall and Susan Wiles with his first wife Kathy Jacobs. He later married Cherilyn Burns. He died on April 16, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

Olivia HarlanOlivia Harlan
By: Cami Harris

In the male dominated field of journalism, reporter and journalist Olivia Harlan, being only 24 and straight out of college, has done more in her career, so far, than many even dream. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on April 19, 1993, with her father, Kevin Harlan as a football and basketball announcer, and her grandfather, Bob Harlan, as the CEO of the Green Bay Packers for 20 years. In 2010, Olivia was crowned Miss Kansas Teen USA, at the age 17. While in college a few years earlier, Olivia earned her broadcast journalism degree from the University of Georgia, in just 3½ years, while also working for UGA's athletics websites and, in her final semester, traveling for a job with Fox Sports South covering SEC football games while still in college. Currently, Harlan works at ESPN, as a college football reporter, travels with the Atlanta Hawks for FOX Sports Southeast, and hosts ACC All Access (a weekly studio recap of ACC sports that is filmed in Atlanta). How does Harlan handles all of these at once? "It's busy but there's a routine to it." Says Olivia, "Monday I research both football teams so I'm prepared for Tuesday's production calls with the on-air talent, producer and graphics people. That's when we set the stage for our coverage. Wednesday is a two-hour conference call with the visiting team's coaches, and you have to be really prepared for that too. Sprinkled in there I have an NBA game usually on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I do the ACC studio show on Thursdays. And I write my own script for that, which often happens Wednesday night after the basketball game. Then Thursday night I fly to wherever the game is that Saturday." Olivia Harlan sure has an exciting, stressful, and amazing life.

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