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 May 24, 2018

Lion in a Cave

Lockwood PTA: News from "The Den"

Welcome new board members: Lockwood PTA would like to welcome our new board members to next years team!! If you know them, make sure to congratulate and welcome them!

Heather Luhman- Vice President
Lisa Muilenburg- Business Operations

Heather and Lisa will be joining the following returning board members:

Lacey Rollins- President
Charity Boller- Secretary
Lindsey Talmark- Treasurer

We have lots of exciting things coming next year and we look forward to having you join the PTA. If you need to get in touch with any of the board members over the summer please use the following email LockwoodPTA@lockwoodschool.org.

Movie/Game Night follow-up: Thank you to Daniel and Jennifer Quesenberry and Kristina Freivalds for running game/movie night and to all parents and PTA members who helped. Thank you to Billings Hardware for the popcorn and to Ingrams Chili Bowl Truck, Bailey's Ice Cream and Yellowstone Coffee & Canvas!

Ideas/Input for next school year: If there are suggestions for things you would like to see in the PTA next year, whether it be events, speakers, things to improve on, or whatever it might be, WE ARE LISTENING!! Let us know by sending an email to LockwoodPTA@lockwoodschool.org or contacting us on our Facebook page!

Lion's Lair 2.0 summer: Join us this summer on the following dates for Clean Up days at the Lion's Lair Playground!! Let's keep our playground clean and maintained! 9-12 noon on the following dates: June 9th, July 14th, August 11th. Contact Monica at 850-2087 for questions or details.

Facebook: Please make sure to "Like Us" and "Follow Us" on Facebook this summer for updates as school gets closer!

Your Lockwood PTA board would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for joining the PTA this year. We hope you and your kiddos/students had a wonderful school year and wish you a fabulous summer! Thank you to the MANY who gave countless volunteer hours and invested in your school, kiddos, and community, together with your Lockwood PTA. We are and always will be, LOCKWOOD STRONG!!!

Have a wonderful summer! Make sure to join us again next school year and renew your membership for 2018-2019!

Warmest Regards,

Lockwood PTA Board
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