New High School
Lockwood High School Update (cont.)

While the start of construction is an exciting time, there will be growing pains. Starting next week the most obvious of these will be the impact on parking for the existing buildings, as about two-thirds of the Middle School parking lot is going to be fenced off for construction. This spring our staff will park in the center of the bus drop off and pick up area. This works because staff vehicles are here prior to bus drop off and leave after the buses depart. We ask that visitors do not drive into this area! Middle School drop off, pick up, and parking will now take place in a greatly reduced MS parking lot area in front of the current Administrative Building. We understand that this reduced area is likely to be frustrating due to the number of parents who pick up and drop off students in a short time; but please bear with us and show patience during this time of growth.

This summer, in addition to the construction of Lockwood High School, we also have several other campus-wide projects going on. Remember the bond was not only to construct the high school but also included many other needed facility improvements for our older schools. These additional projects combined with the high school construction will likely limit how much public use of our grounds will be allowed. Phase II of our initial roofing plan, mainly the Primary School, is slated for this summer. We are also currently taking bids to fix the metal roof above what is now the 2nd grade hallway and are planning on revamping the office and entrance areas in both elementary schools as safety upgrades. The entire campus is going to be a hub of activity over the next 18 months!

A public meeting to update the community on our progress is being planned for mid-April, please be on the look out for that date once we finalize it. Additionally, Langlas & Associates have committed to having community tours of the construction site as we progress through the building process, these too will be noticed once we finalize a schedule.

If you have any questions on the progress or process of constructing Lockwood High School and our other campus improvements please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. As always, thank you for the opportunity to work with your children. Go Lions!