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Lockwood School Newsletter Fall 2016

Mealtime, Pay Online
Low Balance Notifications

Breakfast Prices
Students $1.25

Adult $2.00
Reduced $0.30
Milk $0.50
Lunch Prices
K-5 $2.75
6-8 $2.90

The following information details how to set up the MealTime Pay Online low balance notification system.
  1. Go to www.mymealtime.com and sign in.
  2. Click the Meal Account Deposits icon.
  3. Click update your email settings on the profile page.
  4. Verify that your email address is correct and then check Low Balance Notification.
  5. Type in the amount you want to use. When the balance falls below this amount, you will be sent an email. You will only be notified by email once.
Please note you may enter amounts from $1.00 to $99.99.

Once you have set up the the email notification, you will no longer see the announcement on the Payments page. To change your low balance notification settings click Profile at the top of the page.

Free and Reduced Application is Available Online

Online applications can be filled out beginning August 12.

You can access the application on the school website or by going to www.mymealtime.com

Visit Lockwood Schools website at Lockwoodschool.org. Locate MealTime Online (bottom right corner). It has many options with step by step instructions.

Paper applications will be available at the building offices after the first day of school, August 23.


Breakfast in the Classroom at Lockwood Schools

Beginning on Wednesday, August 23, Grades K-8, a nutritious breakfast will be available to students in the classrooms. "Breakfast in the Classroom" replaces the breakfast service before school in the cafeteria.

Each day the Sodexo Food Service team prepares breakfast according to federal nutrition guidelines. Students may select an entree and a fruit and/or juice(milk is optional) while the teacher begins morning lessons. Breakfast becomes part of their daily routine and typically takes about 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the class period. We will be introducing hot breakfast one day a week in the K-5.

The cost of breakfast varies from full pay ($1.25) to reduced ($0.40) to free. Your child's teacher will ask each student if they are eating breakfast and note this on the roster which is returned to Sodexo each morning. If your child has eaten breakfast you will be charged accordingly.

Some families may not want their child to eat breakfast at school because they are given breakfast at home. This is perfectly okay! We do ask that if you do not want your child eating breakfast in the classroom you talk to your child about not taking breakfast when it is offered. This will prevent unwanted charges being made to your child's account.

If you would like to send a healthy breakfast or snack for your child to have during this time, we encourage you to do so.

Please contact our District Wellness Coordinator, Don Christman at 252-6022 x 4 if you have any questions.