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Middle School Extracurricular Activities
Middle school students planning to participate
in sports will need to have a physical.

Welcome to the 2015-2016 sports year. This year marks the end of an era with the Billings District. We are thrilled to began a partnership with the following schools: Laurel, St. Francis, Hardin, Red Lodge, Huntley, Shepherd, Joliet, Columbus, and Roundup. Seventh and eighth graders will compete in boy's and girl's basketball, cross coutry and track along with girl's volleyball, and 8th grade football. Games will be played both at home and away during the weekdays and also on Saturdays. Along with these sports, the 8th grade girls will continue to have the opportunity to play softball in the Billings league.

The staff and administration are thrilled to be able to once again bring football back to the school and the community. This year will be open to 8th graders only with the hope to expand to 7th graders in the future. Sixth graders will be offered basketball, cross-country, and volleyball. They will play the county schools during the weekdays.

Each student who plans to play sports will be responsible for a $40 fee (football will be slightly higher), a physical that will need to be done at a licensed facility and turned into the school, complete a concussion release form and maintain grades at or above a 60%.

Student council will also be an extracurricular activity that is offered to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.
Fifth Grade Band

Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to join the fifth grade band this fall. Information will be sent home with interested students the first week of school.
It would be best to visit the music stores in town (Eckroth or Hansons) before school starts and do a test drive on some instruments! If you have already purchased a used instrument from somewhere else - please make sure you take it in to the repair shop at Eckroth and have it cleaned and make any repairs necessary before school starts so it is in great playing condition.

Please visit my Fifth Grade Band website for more information on books and other materials you may need. There are also some good tips on purchasing an instrument. Mrs. Miller's Music Wehsite
Mrs. Miller
Sports Boy
P.E. Uniforms

All middle school students will be required to purchase a PE/Athletic uniform. The cost for the shirt and shorts set is $25. They can be purchased in the middle school office or online payment information can be found at the Lockwood School Extracurricular Web Store link.

These uniforms are to be worn at all times during PE classes and are the uniforms for our sporting events. Please contact the middle school office at 259-0154 (option 3) if you have any questions or need assistance.
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