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recycle logo Student council members have started an awesome recycling project on campus. Newspapers, copy paper and cans are collected for recycling on a regular basis from classrooms by middle school students. Proceeds from the sale of the recycled materials are split evenly among the three school libraries and are used to purchase books and materials for students.






Student council now has a "Caring Committee" who is assembling little gift bags and notes for the purpose of brightening up someone's day. Caring is cool!



The study of how to help middle school students achieve and progress in their school work as well as helping them address their social needs in a positive manner is one of the main goals of the MBI program.  A recent Maryland study outlines these special needs in the report "The Critical Middle" found here




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" Habits of Mind"   What are they?  Why is their development one of the key jobs of successful middle school students?

Find out here