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Reward Committee

This committee oversees the design and implementation of a system of student and staff rewards to ensure the reinforcement and celebration of desired and helpful behaviors. The primary purpose of this group is to increase the ratio of positive to negative staff/student interactions.

PRIDE -- Student of the month
  • Students demonstrating PRIDE are nominated by classroom teachers or school staff on a monthly basis.
  • Students are recognized monthly during lunch and they receive a gift certificate  to the local Dairy Queen.




Students recognized for the 2008-2009 school year (to date)
6th grade 7th grade 8th grade
Amanda Matela           Gabe Mathews Zach Milburn
Shana Nagel Nicole Behnke           Sabrina Benner
Jamie Swanke           Ethan Malenowsky     Teresa Bird In Ground
Austin Walter Crystal West Madison Webster
Bailly Burbank James Carner Amanda Hinrichs
Nicholas Argento Conner Dove Tyler Cervantez
Sean Spillum David Doney Ciera Roth
Nicholas Gonyea Patti Crenshaw Austin Wild
Audrey Swisher           Colton Pippin Nick Wolf
Myranda Montoya Billy Cattaneo Devin Kenaston
Preston Thorpe Jacob Gstohl Cassie Fairchild
Zach Wiebe Kimberly Myers Victoria Helland

Brianna Roth

Branden Udelhoven Kaleb Allen

Rensi Fisher

Josh Grusing Kenny Painter
Tyrel Hunter Joe Pfennig Audrey Campbell
Sammy DuVal Rebekah Whiteman Amanda Hinrichs
Nikki Terkildsen           Daniel O’Loughlin Cody Winzer
Levi Rak Kelsey Mocko Melissa Nelson
Edwin Hammond Haley Pantoja Tanner Fousha
Mikayla Lewis Britney Stewart Luke Walker

Will Preeshl

Nick Vlahos           Seth Hutchinson
Jordan Steinback KhariOnna Barden           Cassie Stuart
Victoria Fowler Megan Stewart Brandi Killens
Caden Stidham Madison Hinrichs           Britney Wells
Shiloh King Austin Lessard  
Brandon Contreraz Jake Potter  
Kayla Specht Kristen Kaiser  
Madison Schreiner Harley Phillip  
Sarah Covers Up Tony Tibor            
Tiffani Finley Rebecca Levandowski  
Paighton Noel    























P R I D E reinforcement and review
  • At second semester each "letter" and associated attribute of PRIDE are reviewed during QT, one attribute at a time for the remaining school year. Teachers are encouraged to discuss how students can demonstrate the attributes of being positive, respectful, involved, determined and empathtic in their daily lives.   Teachers award students tickets during each month for observed focus behavior.  Tickets are then put into a drawing where students qualify for prizes.






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