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Behavior Committee

The primary purpose of this committee is to ensure that students and staff have the same understanding of behavior and that misbehavior incidents are noted in a way so as to provide consistently reported data for school improvement/MBI use. Committee is comprised of grade-level staff representatives as well as staff in direct instructional contact with students on a daily basis.

Talking points in developing behavior supports for students (Big 5)  -- Use data to determine:
How often are problem behaviors occurring?
Where are they happening?
What types of problem behaviors?
When are the problems occurring?
Who is contributing?





Five School-wide Practices of MBI
DEFINE School-wide expectations (PRIDE)
TEACH Direct instruction of behavioral expectations
REMIND Clear "in the moment" reminders
  • Daily recognition
  • Weekly/quarterly/grade-level/whole school celebrations
  • Classroom procedure for minor problem behaviors
  • Office discipline referral for major problem behaviors






Looking Ahead--future issues to address
  • Committee will meet to take another look at our teacher managed vs office managed behavior chart to determine whether adjustments are needed.
  • Pursue the SWIS training at MBI this summer so our recommendations and support systems will be data based and consistent.





Problem behaviors flowchart for addressing problem behavior
Behavior triangle triangle model as it relates to behaviors
Behavior overview benefits of schoolwide behavior program
Respect as area of concern discussion & brainstorming about topic