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formation for Lockwood School can be found on this website at the following link: Registration Paperwork. If you register a kindergarten student, you will need your child's CERTIFIED birth certificate (we will make copies) along with COMPLETE immunization records (must include 4 yr old shots). Please be advised that there is additional paperwork you will need to fill out for kindergarten students. Registration for all new students takes place in the Lockwood School Administration Building. The only exception is Kindergarten Roundup, which is held each spring. Registration on that day is held in the Lockwood School Primary Gym. (Check the school events calendars for dates.)

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Beginning in the 2011-12 school year, the former Lockwood Primary School and Lockwood Intermediate School were combined to form the Lockwood Elementary School. Mr. Mike Bowman is the principal for grades K-5, and Mrs. Jenny Fox is the assistant principal. They are assisted by secretaries Mrs. Rhonda Johnson (grades K-2), who may be reached at 406-252-2776 and Mrs. Renee Oliszczak (grades 3-5), who may be reached at 406-248-3239.

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What is MTSS?

Montana’s Definition of MTSS:
● Integrated multi-tiered system of instruction, assessment, and intervention designed to meet the achievement and behavioral needs of ALL students.

Lockwood Elementary School was one of several schools chosen by OPI to participate in the Project Real 2.0 project for 5 years, starting with the 2015/2016 school year. For more information visit http://opi.mt.gov/Programs/SchoolPrograms/MTSS.html.

Project L.O.V.E.

Project L.O.V.E., which stands for Lockwood Organization of Volunteer Educators, was started in 1983. It includes men and women of all ages who are willing to give their time on a regular basis to support the children and teachers at Lockwood Schools. Volunteers help in classrooms, on special projects, or work at home doing cutting, sewing or typing.

Volunteers are united in a common goal: a desire to share and help. The Primary School, Intermediate School, and the Middle School can all use volunteers. Volunteers earn a free lunch at the school for every eight times they come in to help.

Project L.O.V.E. would like to thank the the many volunteers who help at Lockwood Schools year after year. Anyone interested in knowing more about this worthwhile program may contact the school office at 406-252-2776.