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Teacher Drawings

Teacher Drawings

The teachers and other staff members at Lockwood School have spent several hours of instruction time and work time to create personal minisites. We hope you find them helpful and enjoyable. Each site will open in a new window.

K-5 Elementary School Classroom Sites •Special Education
•Kindergarten Star ImageElementary Special Education
Kayla Melugin
Star ImageMrs. Crystal Arneson Classroom  
School Counseling
  Star ImageK-5 Counseling
Mrs. Wiggs
•First Grade
Star ImageMrs. Savanah Smith     
Star ImageMrs. Lindsey Talmark Classroom Middle School Classroom Sites
Star ImageMiss Helen Webber's Classroom  •Sixth Grade
Star ImageScience - Mrs. Nancy Strand
•Second Grade Star ImageSocial Studies - Mrs. Meyer
Star ImageMrs. Deb Carlson's Classroom Star ImageCom Arts - Mrs. Ryan
  Star ImageMath - Mrs. Sannon
•Primary Special Areas  
Star ImagePrimary Library - Mrs. Laib  •Middle School PE  
  Star ImageHealth & PE - Wes Caldwell 
•Third Grade  
Star ImageMs. Christensen's Classroom
Star ImageMr. Roger's Classroom •Eighth Grade -
Star ImageMs. Turnquist's Classroom Star ImageMath - Mr. Jesse Swanke
  Star ImageCom Arts - Mrs. Susan Kneib
•Fourth Grade Star ImageUS History - Mr. Tony Derrig
Star ImageMrs. Toni Bender Classroom  
Star ImageMrs. Jill Dean Classroom  
•Fifth Grade Star ImageFamily and Consumer Science
- Mrs. Sue Roberts
Star ImageMrs. Denise Lemke's Classroom Star ImageBand/Choir
Mr. Staton
Star ImageMrs. Sharon Harris' Classroom  
Star ImageMr. Barnard's Classroom •Special Areas
  Star ImageMS Library - Mrs. Johanna Freivald
•Special Areas Star ImageMiddle School MBI - Mrs. Johanna Freivald
Star ImageK-5 Science - Mrs. Sharon Harris' Classroom Star ImageMiddle School Academic Lab - Mrs. Lagge
Star ImageK-5 Health Enhancement - Ms. Cortney Metzler  
Star ImageK-5 Music - Mrs. Larson  
Star ImageK-5 Music -Mrs. Stephanie Smith-Miller  
Star ImageIntermediate Library - Mrs. Marchant •School-wide Special Area
Star Image Intermediate Compass Learning Lab
- Mrs. Reynolds
Star ImageTechnology Information Station
Mrs. Hess
  Star ImageFamily Resource Center - Mrs. Muller

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