Lockwood School District # 26
Job Description

TITLE: School Resource Officer
REPORTS TO: Yellowstone County Sheriff
SUPERVISES (if applicaable): N/A
JOB DEFINITION OR GOAL: Part Q of Title 1 of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 as amended in 1998, (2) section 1709, defines School Resource Officer as:  A career law enforcement officer, with sworn authority, deployed in community-oriented policing, and assigned by the employing police department or agency to work in collaboration with schools and community-based organizations. The officer’s primary assignment is within the local school for the purpose of enforcing laws (when applicable), conducting law-related workshops/presentations to the students, faculty and parents, and counseling/mentoring students.


  1. Serves as a problem solver and liaison to the community.

  2. Addresses crime and disorder problems, gangs and drug activities affecting or occurring in or around school.

  3. Develops or expands crime prevention efforts for students.

  4. Educates likely school-age victims in crime prevention and safety.

  5. Develops or expands community justice initiatives for students.

  6. Trains students in conflict resolution, restorative justice and crime awareness.

  7. Assists in the identification of physical changes in the environment that may reduce crime in or around the school.

  8. Assists in developing school policy that addresses crime and recommends procedural changes.

Only minimum duties are listed. Other functions may be
required as given or assigned.


  1. Certified law enforcement officer who is permanently assigned to provide coverage to a school.
  2. Specifically trained to perform three roles: law enforcement officer; law-related counselor; and law-related education teacher.


The school resource officer is required to sit, walk, stand and travel from buildings to other sites.  May occasionally lift up to 50 pounds.


While performing the duties of this job, the officer regularly works inside and outside. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate, but can be loud.