Lockwood School District # 26
Job Description

TITLE: Maintenance Worker
REPORTS TO: Facilities Director
SUPERVISES (if applicaable): N/A

To maintain buildings and district property in an operational, safe, neat and clean condition.


  1. Maintains and repairs school district building. Maintains and repairs ceilings, walls, floors, doors and windows in school buildings throughout the district.

  2. Repairs, fabricates and installs all types of school furniture including chairs, tables, desks, cabinets and shelving.

  3. Hangs pictures, bulletin boards, white boards, chalk boards and other fixtures.

  4. Repairs and maintains locks and locking devices.

  5. Maintains and repairs light fixtures.

  6. Repairs and replaces plumbing fixtures, including pipes, washers, toilets, sinks and fixtures.

  7. Repairs and replaces electrical fixtures such as outlets and light switches. Replaces light bulbs and ballasts in lighting fixtures.

  8. Gathers and removes litter.

  9. Maintains and cares for lawns, trees, hedges and shrubs.

  10. Removes snow by shoveling or plowing and spreading sand and salt on snow and ice.

  11. Climbs ladders.

Only minimum duties are listed. Other functions may be
required as given or assigned.


  1. Shovel topsoil, dirt, rocks and snow.
  2. Mix and spray or spread fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or insecticides onto grass, shrubs and trees.
  3. Care for established lawns by fertilizing, aerating, mulching, weeding, trimming and edging around flowerbeds, walks and walls.
  4. Mow and edge lawns using power mowers and edgers.
  5. Plant seeds, plants, grass, ground covers, trees and shrubs using gardening tools.


  1. At least two years work experience in general maintenance, building and construction work. A combination of training and experience that provides the required level of knowledge and skill, which would include a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Valid Montana driver’s license.
  3. Knowledge of basic tools, equipment, terms and practices used in building maintenance and repair work.
  4. Knowledge of basic safety practices related to maintenance, grounds care and custodial work.
  5. Knowledge of common hand and power tool usage.
  6. Use tools, material and equipment involved in general building maintenance work including painting, plumbing, glass installation, etc.
  7. Work from plans and specifications.
  8. Plan and organize details of a work schedule efficiently.
  9. Work effectively without close supervision.
  10. Maintain records and prepare reports, as required.
  11. Perform heavy physical labor.
  12. Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
  13. Maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of a workday.
  14. Ability to handle stressful situations.
  15. Ability to effectively manage time and responsibilities.


  1. Various long and short handled tools (i.e., shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, hammer, screwdriver, power tools).
  2. Various machines (i.e., riding lawn mowers, hand lawn mowers, weed eaters, trimmers, seeders, spreaders, leaf blowers, snow blowers).
  3. Various heavy equipment (dump truck, forklift, snowplow, vehicle).
  4. Materials packaged in bags of 50# and (ice melt, fertilizer) up to 80#.
  5. Materials packaged in rolls, boxes, buckets and bags of up to 50#.


  1. Lifting: Floor to 60 inches, up to 50#. Floor to overhead, up to 5# sustained, with both hands.
  2. Carrying: 2-handed front carry up to 80# for 50 feet.
  3. Pushing and pulling forces required (handling, pushing and pulling classroom and office furniture, file cabinets, tools and equipment): 50# sustained at waist level.
  4. Static trunk forward bending and twisting from a standing, crouching or kneeling position while using tools.
  5. Reaching with your arms in all directions, including overhead with 5# in both hands, sustained.
  6. Working overhead from various positions (standing, squatting and kneeling).
  7. Balancing when climbing and working on a ladder.
  8. Use of various hand grip circumferences and firm hand grip positions while manipulating various tools and equipment (maximum 80#).


  1. Materials (plants, fertilizer, salt, etc.) weighing up to a maximum of 50# and are lifted occasionally from the ground or floor, to a height up to 60 inches. Materials (ice melt, fertilizer) weighing up to 80# are rarely lifted from the ground or floor, to a waist (30 inches) height and carried a short distance. 50# materials and tools are lifted and carried short distances occasionally during the day.
  2. Hand tools weighing 5# are used from floor to overhead height.
  3. Dumpster openings are 60 inches from the ground.
  4. Maximum grip span needed to operate tools or machines is 4 1/2” to 5 1/2” circumference.


The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee regularly works inside and outside. The employee must be able to meet deadlines with severe time constraints. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate but can be noisy, depending upon the task at hand.

The employee often performs routine work. The employee frequently exercises flexibility (ability to shift from one task to another). Guidance and reinforcement are usually unavailable. The employee frequently works within time constraints and maintains attentiveness intensity. The employee may be involved in interactions that require oral and written communications.

The employee must work well under pressure to meet multiple and sometimes competing deadlines. The employee shall, at all times, demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors.