Lockwood School District # 26
Job Description

TITLE: Custodian

Facilities Director

SUPERVISES (if applicaable): N/A
JOB DEFINITION OR GOAL: To provide a clean, safe environment for the students, staff and public.


  1. 1. Sweeps, mops, polishes, waxes and refinishes floors.

  2. Vacuums and shampoos carpets, dusts and polishes furniture.

  3. Cleans and disinfects lavatories, showers, locker rooms, cafeteria and halls.

  4. Cleans ceilings, walls and woodwork.

  5. Cleans interior/exterior glass and classroom writing boards.

  6. Operates variety of custodial equipment.

  7. Performs minor repairs and washes light fixtures.

  8. Cleans and shovels snow on walks and doorways; sweeps walks and doorways.

  9. Checks security of buildings by detecting locked doors and windows.

  10. Maintains basic, complete records and notifies appropriate authority of needed repairs.

  11. Keeps buildings in clean and orderly condition.

  12. Gathers and empties trash into dumpster.

  13. Disinfects all commonly touched surfaces daily (doorknobs, telephones, pencil sharpeners, sink faucets, light switches, hand driers, towel dispensers, etc.)

  14. Dusts furniture, walls, machines and equipment. Custodian

  15. Prepares cleaning solutions according to specifications and uses as directed.

  16. Spot cleans, steam cleans or shampoos carpets.

  17. Keeps inventory of supplies and equipment and reports shortages for restocking.

  18. During summers, performs heavy cleaning duties, by assisting with moving furniture and equipment, and deep cleaning of classrooms, offices, libraries, gyms, bathrooms, etc.

Only minimum duties are listed. Other functions may be
required as given or assigned.


  1. High school graduation and one year of related work experience, or a combination of
    experience and education.
  2. Working knowledge of cleaning techniques used for scrubbing, disinfecting,
    mopping, dusting, polishing and related tasks or a willingness to learn the tasks.
  3. Demonstrate ability to follow instructions, to work with little direct supervision, to
    use own initiative and to set priorities.
  4. Experience working with cleaning chemicals and supplies.
  5. Proven ability to operate cleaning equipment including buffers, scrubbers, vacuums,
    shampooers, high-pressure cleaners and extractors.
  6. Demonstrate ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with
    students, co-workers, supervisors and the general public


Vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, mop and bucket, dust mops, buffers,
janitor’s cart, dollies, ladders, cleaning supplies, automatic floor machines and washers.


  1. Bags of trash, weighing up to 35# are occasionally lifted from ground or floor to 60- inch height. Buckets of water and cleaning supplies, weighing up to 50#, are rarely lifted from floor to 30-inch height.
  2. Buffers, weighing up to 96#, are occasionally lifted from the floor to 30-inch height and carried up a flight of stairs. This is a 2-person lift, with the option of carrying the heavy end (70#), or the lighter end (less than 50#).
  3. Furniture, file cabinets and equipment, weighing up to 100#, is handled, pushed and pulled, in order to clean offices and classrooms. Furniture moving requires 30# sustained push/pull force, with the option to push/pull up to 60#.
  4. The janitor’s cart is occasionally pushed or pulled with 5# force.
  5. Equipment, tools and machines used for cleaning require a frequent firm handgrip of 50# of force to operate.
  6. Work heights range from floor to overhead height.


  1. Lifting: Floor to 30 inches, up to 50#. Floor to 60 inches, up to 35#. Floor to overhead, up to 5# sustained, with both hands. (Lifting buffer, floor to 30”, 70# optional).
  2. Carrying: 2 handed front carry up to 35# for 50 feet. (Carrying buffer up stairs, 70# optional).
  3. Pushing and pulling forces required (during the use of cleaning equipment 25#, handling janitor’s cart 5#).
  4. Pushing and pulling forces required (handling, pushing and pulling classroom and office furniture, file cabinets and equipment): 30# sustained at waist level (60# optional).
  5. Static trunk forward bending and twisting from a standing, crouching or kneeling position while using tools.
  6. Reaching with your arms in all directions, including overhead with 5# in both hands, sustained.
  7. Working overhead from various positions (standing, squatting and kneeling).
  8. Balancing when climbing and working on a ladder.
  9. Use of various handgrip circumferences and firm hand grip positions while manipulating various tools and equipment (maximum 50#).


The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee works inside and occasionally outside. The noise level is usually low to moderate, but may become loud while operating equipment.

The employee must work well under pressure to meet multiple and sometimes competing deadlines. The employee shall, at all times, demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors.