Boys and Girls Ranch
Billings, Montana



PERSONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors degree preferred in the field of human services or high school diploma and applicable experience/knowledge of SED children/youth and families.
SUPERVISOR / CHAIN OF COMMAND: School Based Program Supervisor
WORKING SCHEDULE:    Professional hourly position (40 hours per week) to follow program schedule as assigned by Director of School Programs and provision of required direct service hours.  Some evening work with families including home visits as assigned or as needed.
PURPOSE: To provide intensive behavioral intervention to children, youth and families referred to school-based programs.


  1. Provide multiple hours of supervision, behavioral intervention and relational counseling to children and youth in school/community/home settings.
  2. Provide direct care, including giving input to program therapist and implementing treatment plans, for all children on caseload.
  3. Meet weekly with the Program Therapist for consultation regarding the children/youth and families being served.
  4. Complete and submit contact notes and billing sheets as directed to the Community Based Services office.
  5. Attends meetings and provides consultation to, and advocates for clients with schools, participates in CST/IEP meetings, coordinates services with community agencies, and cooperates with other providers to meet client and client system needs.
  6. Intervene in crisis in a calm appropriate manner that maintains staff and youth safety.
  7. Work effectively with youth in groups and lead psycho-educational groups.
  8. Maintains a flexible caseload and completes other duties as assigned by supervisor, including participating in on-call rotation.


  1. Engage in regular supervision with one’s supervisor.
  2. Fully support and model the mission, vision, values and philosophy of YBGR.
  3. Deal constructively and helpfully with all other members of the organization.
  4. Adhere to all policies, systems, safety requirements, and procedures of the organization.
  5. Be a professional representative of the organization to those outside it.
  6. Be aware of the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of persons served.
  7. Participate in required training appropriate to your position, and beneficial to the vision of YBGR.


This is a position that utilizes driving, walking, sitting and standing in its everyday activities. 


a. Sitting, standing (possibly on uneven terrain) walking, driving, keyboarding - 85%
b.Twisting, bending, kneeling, climbing stairs/ladders, reaching, squeezing,
   tool use, pushing/pulling/carrying/lifting (limited) -          

The above Physical Requirements/Physical Movements information is to be used to describe the general content and physical requirements of this job performance.  This information is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.

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