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Visit the Lockwood Board Room minisite for all the board news and meeting information.

Check-out the Special Benefits of Being a Sub at Lockwood School!
Lockwood School is looking for substitute teachers and paraprofessionals. Check out the rewards here!!
Job Openings:  ~Lockwood School has an opening for a school nurse. Get information and application materials here: Job Opportunities

Whistle Sports Schedules: MayAppleSodexo|May Menus
AppleEvent Calendars:   May June | 2016-17 School Year Calendar
  • Monday, May 30th - Vacation Day / No School
  • Tuesday, May 31st - School Board Work Session
    ~Learn more here: Work Session Notice
  • Wednesday, June 1st - Early Out at 2:00 pm / Boys & Girls Club Closed
  • Friday, June 3rd - 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony at 10 am in Sturdevant Gym
  • Friday, June 3rd - Early Release at 1:15 pm for K-8
  • Saturday, June 4th - Sports Physicals at Ortho Montana Sports Medicine Center from 8:00 am - 10:00 am for 2016-17 / Lockwood Middle School students. $20

AlertImportant Notice! When changing your students' plans for after school, you MUST call before 2:00. Changes will NOT be made after 2:00. Early outs days changes will NOT be made after 12:30.

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This video about Lockwood School was created by Ally Frost and Lilly Morris as a project in their gifted education class.

The gifted program education program at Lockwood School is under the direction of Mrs. Cindy Gopp.
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If there is an emergency at Lockwood School, information will be posted on the Welcome Page.
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